Here i provide you some of my works for the great software maptool.



  • Group selection: define, find and select groups of tokens by a manager window or even quicker by F-keys for quick access (like starcraft) here
  • Group movement: tool for easy moving around formations/groups of tokens here
  • movePad: moving tokens step by step using arrow buttons. Features included are visible footpath, undo, movement cost limiting, terrain modifier, traps, teleporter, peeking, … the MovePad this has known bugs - i sadly dont find time to fix'em
  • macroIO: a tool to mass import/export macros from a token into a external text editor (via a single copy/paste). this tool is deprecated. Check out its replacement RPEdit by aliasmask (my old version is here)
  • stopwatch: a bundle of macro to measure the runtime of macros (or any other time spans …) here
  • dicebag: roll dice by moving special dice tokens over the map. Just grap it move it drop it and voila, the dice result is shown on the map and in the wip
  • linked movement: move one token and watch all linked tokens magically move just the same here


Awesome tools of notice

This tools are NOT by me but really worth to try out. This is not meant to be a complete list but just a collection of the tools i need regularly.


I'm currently involved in the MAPTOOL DOCUMENTATION PROJECT.

You can join us. We work on the content on this google docs file. If the content is complete, we'll set the whole stuff in LaTeX. The SVN to that is here:

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